About A Stroke of Genius

My name is Michael O’Regan and I am a decorator, restorer and signwriter. I have been honing my professional skills for over 20 years and I am fortunate enough to have had training and advice over the decades from some incredibly talented Craftsmen in the field of decorative finishes, restoration and traditional signwriting.

From the Palace of Versailles to historical homes and churches throughout the UK and Ireland, my guest bloggers and I have used our skills and experience to ensure history is restored and maintained in it’s glorious myriad of colour and design, using traditional tools and methods.

My biggest concern is that all the skills and techniques learned by myself and my esteemed peers will be lost, so we have dedicated our time to produce regular blog posts informing you of technique, history and application to ensure our crafts are not forgotten.

Please enjoy our posts and appreciate the work provided gratis by such talented individuals. If you have any questions or would like to contribute in any way, please contact me at astrokeofgenius@yahoo.com




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